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New Site

Welcome to our new home! We have been planning and working on the launch of this new website for you, our customers! We have been working diligently to create a new look for our website to make your experience more enjoyable and easier to navigate.

Please browse around the website to enhance your experience with our company. As you can see, the layout is clearer, the information is much more concise and the interaction has upped its game. One way to integrate the full experience is by the addition of blogs! Statistics show that a shift is occurring from an unwritten interaction from customers to a digital interaction to find out a company’s information and assistance with problems. The blog component of the website will be used to address seasonal Electric and HVAC issues, offer advice on maintenance, provide helpful tips to protect your home…the list goes on! If you ever have an idea for a blog topic, send it on over to us and we will do our best to inform the masses! Check back with us periodically to read what’s on our professional minds; chances are you will enjoy what you read!

Another way we improved our website would be the continual display of our social media icons! These specific social media icons are clickable and will direct you to our company pages for Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We like to have fun with our social media, so you will see a mix of Electrical and HVAC posts along with local town events and things to make you laugh. Our social media aims to have something for everyone! If you take notice, you can also see some of our company affiliations and accreditations with clickable icons to link you to their websites to learn more about their causes and backgrounds. We are proud to be a member of these wonderful organizations!

Lastly, we want you to see our work, because we all know pictures are worth a thousand words. Our Media page aims to post pictures of recently completed jobs to show you how professional, clean and knowledgeable our technicians are! Whether you need an Electrical or HVAC job done to your home or business, you can rest assure it will be done right and professionally the first time!

Thank you for visiting our new home. Contact us if there is something you would like to see on our website, have any testimonials you would like to see published on our homepage, or pictures you would like to share!