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Repairs, Upgrades & Installations

We Provide Installation & Repairs of the Following:

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electrical repairs, upgrades and installations
electrical repairs, upgrades and installations
electrical repairs, upgrades and installations
electrical repairs, upgrades and installations
generator installation

Residential & Commercial

Shawn Kresge Electric Heating and AC Services, Inc. is a full service Electric contractor that provides estimates, troubleshooting, sales, service, repair and installation of all electrical components and systems in Northeast PA. At Kresge Services, we pride ourselves on our reliable, professional and courteous service at an affordable price. Our technicians are fully-certified and knowledgeable to repair, replace or install any electrical component in your home, office or commercial building.

We provide services for jobs large and small. Whether you need a receptacle replaced or installed, or an upgrade in your electrical service, Kresge has you covered.

Electrical hazards are real and dangerous and can cause great damage or injuries if not handled properly. When dealing with these problems, call the professionals; that is what we are here for! Instead of taking a chance with your personal safety, call Kresge Services at 570-325-2773 to handle the job for you.

Money-Saving Tips

Combine Jobs Into One Call

Save time and money on electrical work by bundling projects together. Keep a running list of electrical needs in your home. When the list is significant, call Kresge at 570-325-2773. We’ll do a walk-through of your home, and you can add to the list any concerns the electrician observes. Attending to several smaller needs in one visit is much more cost effective.

Clear the Area for the Electrician to Work

Being prepared for your electrician to get to work upon arrival will save you money. This includes not only removing decorative or fragile items from the areas of your home where work will be done, but making sure there is clear access to your electrical panel. Having ready a detailed list of all work to be done can help the electrician work most efficiently.

Consider Investing in Upgrades that Payback Both Now and Later

A good way to combat rising electricity costs is to switch from incandescent fixtures or bulbs to CFL or LED ones providing as much or better lighting using less electricity. Another consideration is putting motion detector switches on outdoor lighting. You'll save money while enhancing your home's security.

Energy Star

Read the ENERGY STAR EnergyGuide labels on new appliances. Consider how much electricity in kilowatt-hours (kWh) a particular model uses each year.

bucket truck service

Bucket Truck Service Available

More Ways to Meet Your Needs

Bucket trucks available for hard to reach places for electrical repairs, replacements and installations!

bucket truck service